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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 5, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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of abortion and. and teen pregnancies. those who took part were most likely to be poor under insured women given the choice of any form of contraception. when the cost was taken out of the equation the most women flocked to the implants and options that cost hundreds up front and. the findings are as million of women are getting access to free birth control under the president's health care law. time for a check of the weather. and lynette is joining us and there's a lot going on. we have the festival in fells . and concert -- point and a concert as well. >> the pressure is on. >> i think i can do it especially if you start early like today. it's going to be fabulous. but going into saturday, still looking good. sunday is going to be the day with the wet weather coming in here. but let's travel to the airport this morning. and we are looking at clear skies and the temperature at 61. and sunrise at 7:07 this morning. and we don't have any type of
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visibility issues whatsoever. we are dealing with dry air with that dew point coming in at 55 degrees right now. and as the kids head out to the bus stop you can take a jacket or a sweater. but we are feeling cool with the temperature coming in at 59 degrees. and the afternoon is going to be nice and pleasant. yes, above average right around 81. they won't need the jacket when they come home. enjoy the day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. hopefully the weather will hold up for the fells point festival. it's going to cause traffic problems right in fells point. broadway will shut down beginning at 5:00 tonight between bag street and then more streets south of alexandria street will shut down beginning at 6 a.m. tomorrow. a full report can be found on using the harrisburg expressway, this is a live look north of the beltway. traffic ismoving right along nothing to get in your way as you get on the jfx and head into the city. and if you are using 95, here's a live look downtown if we can pull up the shot at 395.
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everything will be nice and clear. no problems getting through that fort mchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel will be nice and clear. and pulling up drive times, beltway will be in great shape. no delays from parkville up to towson and travel on the west side of 695, you are looking at that typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 to 95. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. coming up on good morning maryland at 5. >> cancer awareness is something that's near and dear to everyone's heart. what industry is trying to raise money to keep breast cancer awareness and support going as this is breast cans are awareness month. a bizarre situation with a florida police department. find out what kind of weapon the suspect had in his position. wççñçñ
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komen maryland's big fund- raiser is october 21st in hunt valley but here's another spot to help you fight the disease. >> absolutely. this weekend at loch raven the skeet and trap center. there we go. i don't know if some of you are trying to tell me something. hosting a clays against breast cancer fund-raiser. the goal is there is to raise 10 grand that they raised last year and top that. >> it goes from 9 to 5 on both days. so get out and check it out. >> stay with us this morning. a bus driver punched in the face. who the police are looking for this morning. >> good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> air watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland." >> it could be worse than originally thought. we have new information on meningitis outbreak spreading across the country. >> breaking news for you yesterday on good morning maryland. and now investigators are looking into what caused a fire on fleet street in fells point.
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>> playoff baseball begins tonight in texas. the o's wouldn't to -- want to come home but first they have business in the lone star state on this friday, october 5th. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan sprinkle. thanks for joining us. a lot of the action happening down there in texas and, of course, the ravens are out of town but things happening here, too. going on. you have fells point and mary weather post pavilion concert and lynette it's on you. how is the weather going to be. >> it looks stellar for today. heading into tomorrow a few more clouds but dry. going into the afternoon evening time frame a few showers and sunday will be the rany day. let's talk about what's going on this morning. getting everybody up and at them out the door: arnold at 63. you don't need that jacket this morning. it feels pretty good and we are looking at the dew points coming in at 54 right now. so dealing with that dry air less humid as we go through today. columbia's temperature at 58 more of the same for the dew point coming in around 54
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degrees. and right now, temperatures at 62 in bel air and 62 in rock hall. just know we are going stay dry maryland's most powerful radar is dry and it will stay there going into the afternoon. this is what we are looking at as we go through the hour by hour forecast and by the wakeup, the temperature right around 59 degrees. and we can see what's going on from there. temperatures will soar to about 65 by 9:00. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we do have trouble in east baltimore as a third sink hole opened up on east monument street remains shut down between wolf and patterson park avenue. now if you are traveling in the area you will want orleans street. using 95 into the city. this is white marsh at route 43. every thing is moving along. no delays whatsoever. a nice easy ride as you head down to the fort mchenry tunnel and as we pull up drive times the jfx in great shape. no delays from the beltway
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downtown to east fayette street. that stretch altogether will teak you 11 minutes. beltway is in great shape from parkville to towson and heading to the west side of the beltway, you are look at an 11- minute ride as well traveling the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charley over to you. an update to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. the officers who shot a man in east baltimore right now are on administrative leave. police say this happened in the 1500 brock of east -- block of east landville street. the -- lanvale street. when they arrived a man became combative. police are waiting to release his name until charges are filed. three minutes after 5 right now. investigators are still working to determine what caused a massive fire. this happened at a liquor store in fells point. it happened in the 1700 block of fleet street. we brought you this as breakingnews yesterday morning at 5. and good morning maryland at 6. it was a 3-story building
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that was vacant and it was a second and third floor. the liquor store was on the first floor. eye took firefighters about 2 1/2 hours to put out the flames here. we will keep you poeted when they know the cause. posted when they know the cause -- posted when they know the cause. this is what o's fans have been waiting for for 15 years. playoff baseball is is here. but the life at camden -- lights at camden yards will be dark. the on the's will object on the road -- the o's will be on the road with techas. it -- texas. it could be a huge night for the team and city. >> reporter: it will. the orioles throughout the course of the season the philosophy for the team has been very simple. one game at a time, one inning a at time and one pitch at a time. that idea couldn't be more fitting than tonight when the orioles take on the texas rangers in the american league wild card playoff game. on the's lost two of three to tampa toned regular season and -- the o's lost two of three to tampa to end up the regular
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season. it's hard to believe this drought will continue. for the rangers part they lost 5 of the last 6 games and as a result, backed into the wildcard spot and tonight it's one game winner moves on and loser goes home. >> we are a good team no matter where we play and the guys have heart and i am trusting in the bucks. >> it would be nice to have -- get a win for the club and then get a playoff game back home. i think that's what this organization is asking me to do, and this is what you know the fans want to us do. >> it could be a tall order. the orioles were 2-5 against the rangers in the regular season. joe gets the ball for buck and the rangers counter with the darish. fans want the team to return to baltimore for the divisional series with the yankees but to do that they have to take care of business tonight where the eyes of texas will be upon them. >> all right charley. looking forward to it. thanks so much. we are bringing you all sorts of omazing covering
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coverage -- coverage. today at noon get on the computer and watch us online because abc2's scott gar so will be with jamie cos tell -- garceau with jamie costello and the mobile device. check it out no matter where you are. we will look at what the o's need to do to win against the rangers when they take them on and taking on the yankees the american league, the divisional series and then we will be on the air of course from 6:30 to 7 with our orioles special omazing october. check it out is the place to go. ought-- all the other birds purple friday. ravens out of town this weekend in kansas city. right now the team is 3-1 having lost just one game. it's to the eagles. and they are tied at the top of the afc north with cincinnati bengals. sunday's kick off is at one. that game out of town but a lot of people they are going to be walking maybe to their favorite bar to check it out.
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who knows. watching the game. maybe throwing a little football with the kids. what's the weather going to be like? >> the weather on sunday not so great. very chilly and we are going to be seeing rain. so unsettled conditions and all this is going to be courtesy of the cold front that's going to be trekking from the west to the east. and we could actually see the colder air behind that front with the snow in canada dropped a lot of snow in minnesota and also north dakota yesterday. we can see as we zoom in this morning we are dealing with mainly clear skies and we will see plenty of sunshine as we go into the afternoon. the big story for today is that the air is going to be nice and dry less humid with the dew points coming in the 50s. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, for those of you in howard county, traveling on interstate 70 this morning a, there's nothing to get in your way from columbia pike to 695. the west side of the beltway remains nice and clear. traveling outer loop from 795 down towards 95 you are looking
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at just the typical 11 minute dried and checking in and look live at the beltway in parkville at harford road everything is moving along no delays towards towson. megan and charley over to you. the men and women with the -- return to when we need them the most. >> stay with us this morning. they are helping in other ways. coming up, how local firefighters are stepping forward to help the children at the ronald mcdonald house. >> reporter: a statewide bullying convention conference connection off in college park. coming up, what the conference will cover. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill?
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thanks tore staying with us. menis gite ies out-- meningitis outbreak is getting worse. more people are getting sick from the outbreak linked to a steroid shot for back pain. linda so is with us and how many facilities in maryland have been unknowingly giving the shots. >> reporter: we know of 7 facilities throughout the state including locations in bel air and baltimore and towson and edgewood. so far the outbreak has gotten worse. the cdc now reports at least 5
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people have died and 35 people have gotten sick in 6 states with fungal meningitis. in maryland, one person died and another got sick. the outbreak has been linked to spinal steroid shots a commontreatment for back pain. state health official worry it could get a lot worse because hundreds are believed to have gotten the contaminated shot. it takes 1 to 4 weeks for symptoms to surface. look out for stroke like symptoms, fever headache stiff neck or vomiting. >> this meningitis is not considered to be transmissible to person to person and it's considered to be a treatable infection. >> reporter: now you can find a list of the medical facilities here in maryland where the shots were given on the website at look in the slide show and meanwhile the massachusetts company where the shots were manufactured has voluntarily shut down the plant. linda so, abc2 news. okay. so you may have seen the steps around city of baltimore and ruffin into kevin spacey
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theseries house of cards will be released february 1st. all 13 episodes will be available on that date and it is adapted from the pbc dram -- shall bbc dram after the same title. the job is to protect you and me from fires and sometimes the firefighters need to take some efforts and put them towards a better cause. >> which is what they are doing and that is great story. the special events unit is with baltimore city the fire department and thanks to them, kids at the ronald mcdonald house are sleeping more comfortablely. tempur peedic mattresses donated the mattresses and firefighters and other volunteers helped to move them into the house. >> we are a whom away from home consider - home away from home for families of critically ill children treated in one of thebaltimore area hospital and this morning we had firefighters at 8 a.m.
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u.p.s. under armour and the navy and i hope i am not missing anybody. >> i have 4 healthy children and being able to cope to the ronald mcdonald house is a way to give back for the blessings i have at end of the day. >> that's just the morning crew. more volunteers came in throughout the afternoon to make the beds just in time for the families' return from the hospital. >> the weekends here what's it going to be like? >> pretty good on saturday and sunt wet weather rolls in. and -- and sunday the wet weather rolls in. in terms of temperatures, feeling pretty good out there. 57 degrees right now in stevensson good morning to you. -- stevenson good morning to you. havre de grace 65. denton across the eastern shore coming in at 61. and yes, the temperatures are above average this morning but what's making it feel so good is we have dry air filtering in behind that front that passed yesterday. so speaking of a front, we have another one that's going to be
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moving in. this is the one back off towards the west dropped lots of snow. yes, i said snow across the northern plains yesterday. and very cold air will be moving in as we go into sunday with the rain. but this is what we look like this morning. we are mainly clear and we are going to see lots of sunshine going into the afternoon. and future trend picking up on what's going on. so we had the cold front move through and it kicked off humidity and we have the dry air behind that. that's what we will get today. and then the cold front moves in as we head into saturday and also sunday with cooler air picking up and filtering in behind that rather. by lunchtime it's 78 degrees and mostly sunny skies and going into three, 81 and we look at 3 days here but my eyes take us to saturday, 74 degrees with showers trying to push in the area. but mainly we will see the showers and cooler temperatures as we head into sunday. beautiful, though as we start the week. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning.
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the rain from earlier this week caused major problems a third sink hole opened up on east monument. so it will be shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. here's a look at the scene from yesterday. huge problems. road is destroyed. so it's going to be shut down until the repairs are fixed. it's unclear when it will reopen but it's safe to say not any time soon. if you are traveling in the area stick with orleans street instead. now this morning, if you are using 95 to get downtown, there are no delays as we check in and take a live look at 395. everything is move along nice and clear through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel and if you using 695, here's a live look at east side just south of brunning highway no problems across the key bridge and nice and clear from parkville to towson. megan and charley over to you. you may have heard the stories brutal cases of bullying and name calling and internet taunting and physical
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violence in the classroom. we know something has to be done about this and this morning, abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with a conference beginningand what's going to happen? >> reporter: in a few hours a statewide conference kicks off in college park. now, teams from across the state from different schools will head to this conference. you know basically they are trying to keep schools safe. the conference started yesterday but the majority of the folks are heading there today. people like first lady of maryland katie o'malley and our state superintendent will be on hand for this conference. you know this is the third year for the event which coincide with national bullying prevention month. those who attend will receive the latest research and practice school safety and learn vatties how to empower students to stop bullying and offer ideals for bullying prevention and we caught up with the expert with the state department of education who will attend the conference today. >> we want them to take away a renewed enthusiasm for the work
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they are doing in preventing bullying and we would like them to also have information that is of the latest and cutting edge and cutting trends as far as what research has revealed. >> reporter: now this is the largest bullying prevention conference in the state and it starts this morning at 9 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. at college park. reporting live at federal hill, sherrie johnson abc2 news. foundation established is to fight breast cancer get an unusual proposal from pretty unlikely place. >> coming up, we will tell you how susan g. comb n said a porn site said they would help them raise cash. a store offering help to parents trying to take care of holiday shopping. we will tell you who a little modern technology can make all the difference.
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♪ everybody get, everybody get! ♪ 5:21. thanks for joining us. in october, you can see pink everywhere. every body wants to pitch in in the fight against breast cancer including now the porn industry. porch a free online adult website listen to this they announce they would donate a portion of the october revenue to the susan g. komen
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foundation. they would give the foundation one penny for every 30 views. and they say advertising and i quote the more boobs that are viewed the more money will be showered on the foundation. that foundation of course being komen. doesn't matter, because komen is turning that down. and the race for the cure in hunt valley is coming up in a few weeks and you are looking at last year's rate. it's time to get involved and you can walk and run and all of it raising money for breast cancer research and treatment in our area. the race happens sunday october 21st in hunt valley. head to pink for more information on how to donate or if you want to register. >> we were looking at video from last year's event and we broadcast there live and it's great event. we will do it again this year. >> i was out there last year and it's a pink feather boa. >> stay with us this morning, problems continuing to mount for american airlines. this is over the problems of the loose seats. >> now the carrier is
5:23 am
announcing a long list of cancellation to fix the problem with the 757s. we will let you know if it will affect your travel plans. >> a former presidential candidate giving two cents on why the president's debate performance was not what he expected. could it have something to do with the environment? we will find out.
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5:25 on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. listen, target wants to help frazzled moms and dads out there with your holiday shopping. the store is rolling out basically those qr code in the stores to allow you to purchase a toy in the store and then have it shipped directlyto you for free. each store will have a section with the top 20 toys that you can scan using your phone. target is also debuting an online mobile toy catalog which includes coupons and it can be used for all your total purchases and something to keep in mind as holiday shopping gets closer. all right 44 american airlines flights are expected to be canceled today while mechanics work to fix the seats acording to the website, no -- according to the website no flights in baltimore will be
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affected. three american planes are seats come loose while flights were in the air. the airline says engineers figured out the additional preventive steps to upgrade the mechanism that locks the seats to the floor. good to know because you know when you are in a plane everything is locked down. >> you want the seat to be on the ground. for sure. all right, we encourage kids today to get politically active now. one student says she was harassed for her views. >> we will tell you what she says her teacher and fellow students did. how they reacted when she was wearing a shirt supporting mitt romney. >> also ahead, the disturbing attack of a bus driver caught on camera. it's hard to watch. we will show you what they say led to the passengers punching the driver. >> good morning. topping america's money, from wall street to the campaign trail the focus is on today's september employment report. the next to last one before the election. ahead of the numbers, a new snapshot on jobsch the number of americans applying for first time unemployment benefits rose slightly for the week up 4,000
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to 367,000. mortgage rates have tumbled again to fresh all time lows. 15 year loans are down to 2.69%. and 30 year mortgages are at 3.36%. zagot is out. wendy's is being reviewed and so is subway pizza hut taco bell and mcdonald's. starbucks today the coffee rating and the ceo says the company's goal was to open 1,000 new shops in the u.s. in the next five years. that could mean 20,000 new jobs. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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